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Multi camera live mixing

With ten of our own in-house full HD broadcast cameras, we can capture most events with excellent coverage. We can also hire in cameras if more are needed as our vision mixer takes up to 20 full HD video inputs. We also offer our wireless camera adaptor which allows us to roam on stage completely cable free, removing added trip hazards. Any videos or logos that you provide can also be mixed in with our live feed.



If a show is worth doing then it's worth recording. We can easily capture a high-quality full HD recording of any of our live mixes using our professional SSD recorder. We also provide the option of recording separate camera feeds, allowing more flexibility for post-production work.

Livestream Logo.png

Live Streaming

If you need your event to reach a larger or remote audience we offer a range of Livestreaming options. With a high bandwidth connection to the internet we can stream up to 1440P at 60 FPS. We can stream to most mainstream platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitch.

Mobile Production Unit

Our in-house custom-built mobile production unit allows us to offer high-quality multi-camera shoots in almost any location


Built to meet our requirements

The production unit comes fully equipped with

  • Patch bays for audio/video and coms to allow easy integration of the flyaway rack to external connections.

  • Pure sine wave inverter UPS system that can run the equipment for over an hour with mains disconnected.

  • Studio reference monitors to guarantee a clean audio feed. 

  • An airconditioning unit to keep everything cool over the summer season.   

Customisable to your needs

Our mobile production unit has been built from the ground up to offer great flexibility allowing us to adapt the setup to work best for the current project. With enough space inside to comfortably facilitate four crew members.

Broadcast from anywhere

Our mobile production unit allows us to work from practically anywhere that is accessible by car. With the use of a generator and a 4G network connection, we can work completely off-grid if needed.

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